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We are AV rated by the highly respected Martindale-Hubbell directory of lawyers, a rating given to only 5% of lawyers in the country and is peer-reviewed. Learn more about what the AV rating means by viewing the video below.


William Gwire has been voted a Super Lawyer for Northern California every single year since the inception of the program in 2005.


We were selected as one of the Top 100 Lawyers in the country by Worth Magazine 3 years in a row.


We have a rating of “Superb”, the highest rating given by AVVO, another independent evaluation service that rates lawyers.


We are listed (and have been for many years) in the Bar Registry of Preeminent Lawyers.


We were identified as one of only a handful of "Go To Plaintiff's Malpractice Lawyers" for the entire state of California by the highly respected and independent, “California Lawyer” magazine.


We take cases to trial (and win most of them). Experienced trial attorneys know the settlement value of your case increases if the other side knows it can't offer less than the fair value of your case because you are prepared and willing to go to trial.


We know this area of law. It's pretty much all we've done for the last 25 years. Experience counts for a lot in the legal profession, especially in this very complex and difficult area of law.


We will always be 100% straight with you, even if it’s not what you want to hear.


Our clients think we're pretty good. Some of their comments as posted on AVVO and Yelp can be seen by clicking here.

Lawyers on Courthouse StepsGwire Law Offices is a California based, AV rated boutique law firm representing clients who have been wronged by their attorneys. We handle some of the toughest cases of wrongdoing in the attorney malpractice, fee dispute and fiduciary duty arenas against some of the largest firms in the country.  We are successful.  We have achieved over $40,000,000 in recoveries for our clients and are recognized in the profession as one of a handful of “go to” plaintiff’s legal malpractice firms.  Our opponents know us to be tenacious and unafraid to go to trial because we recognize that often the best settlements are not achieved until the case is close to trial.  Learn more about our attorneys, our philosophy and where we do our work by clicking on these buttons.

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The testimonials and endorsements set forth on this website do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Website Address Issue being addressed
How to Read a Legal Bill This is an interactive tutorial we developed to acquaint clients with some of the finer points of understanding their legal bills.
Statute of Limitations article This article, which we recently wrote for a legal journal, provides a technical, in depth analysis of California law on the question of the statute of limitations for legal malpractice.
CA Bar Association Home page for the California Bar Association. Click on the button for “Public Service” and you can find a wealth of information.
HALT The home page for HALT, an organization active in the legal reform area. Good source for information on lawyer/client relations.
American Bar Association (ABA) The home page for the American Bar Association. Also provides links to professional responsibility sites and general legal research sites.
ABA Lawyer Search Tool The Lawyer Locator page for the American Bar Association.
Nolo Press Home page for Nolo and Nolo Press which has information for the “do-it-yourselfer”.
FindLaw One of the better lawyer search services, which also provides an excellent general legal research site.
Martindale Hubbell One of the better lawyer search services (Operated by the Martindale-Hubbell directory).
Federal Court Opinions A general directory for legal research indexes in the United States. Provides links to Federal Court opinions and legislation. For the advanced “do it yourselfer”.
APRL Home page for the Association of Professional Responsibility Attorneys, a nationwide organization of attorneys doing attorney conduct work or involved in the law of lawyering. Its Resource page provides links to excellent professional responsibility sites, as well as general legal research sites.
Professional Conduct Rules A page on the California Bar Association website which sets out the Rules of Professional Conduct for California lawyers. These are the actual rules governing lawyers in California, so it’s a little dry, but the best information on what rules govern lawyers.
ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct ABA’s Rules of Professional Conduct which have been the basis for many states rules of professional responsibility or conduct.
California Bar Association’s Ethics Page  A good source for ethics issues/opinions for California.


Trust is the cornerstone of any professional relationship, but we take the matter very seriously. We understand that you are coming to us with your trust in lawyers having been undermined, perhaps even destroyed. You may have already been damaged, mistreated, possibly even deceived by your lawyer or law firm. You and your case are very important to us, and we will do whatever we can to restore your respect and trust for lawyers, the legal profession and hopefully, the justice system.


We will give you clear, direct, honest and timely advice about your problem, based on our expertise and experience in the fields of legal malpractice, overbilling and legal ethics. Unlike other firms where attorney conduct work is only a small portion of their practice, legal malpractice, fee disputes and attorney ethics issues is all we do. We do not do any defense work and represent only clients wronged by their lawyers.

Gwire Law Offices is a California based, AV rated boutique law firm representing clients who have been wronged by their attorneys. Specializing in attorney misconduct cases involving legal malpractice, fee disputes and breach of fiduciary duty, the firm has handled over 500 cases to final resolution, some against the largest firms in the country. Small, client focused and results driven, Gwire Law Offices has achieved over $40,000,000 in recoveries for its clients and is recognized in the profession as one of a handful of “go to” plaintiff’s legal malpractice firms.


Maybe after reading about us, you’re still not sure about what to do. You don’t know if you have a case; you don’t know if you want to go ahead with it and you don’t know if you can afford it.

You won’t know whether to cross the bridge or not without doing a little research, and your research begins with contacting us.


After we review the contact form we are asking you to fill out below, we will arrange a free consultation by telephone, through emails, or in appropriate cases, in person. Often, we can tell fairly quickly if it’s a case that you or we should not pursue, so please don’t be offended if we decline your case without going into much detail. On most other cases, we can get a pretty good sense of the merits within several emails or 20-30 minutes of discussion. If more time is necessary, we will take it. We almost never give advice about what you should do in the consultation process. The contact form and the consultation is to give us a sense about what’s happened, why you think your attorney was at fault and how you think you were damaged. We may ask to see some documents. We will need to know the name of the attorney you’re calling us about for conflict purposes, but you shouldn’t worry, everything you tell us is in absolute confidence. Although formal representation only begins once we have a written fee agreement, communications to us are confidential from the moment we pick up the phone and you begin telling us about your case.

Sometimes it takes longer than a simple consultation to determine if you have a case and it is worth pursuing. We may be interested in looking at the case further on an evaluation basis and if so, we would discuss what would be involved in doing a more in depth analysis.

Once we have a sense of the merits of the case and the damages you might have incurred, we can discuss an appropriate fee arrangement.

So, please give us a call or send us an email with your information. The process of crossing that bridge begins here.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 415-296-8880


Legal Malpractice – Fee Disputes – Lawyer Ethics

Gwire Law Offices is a San Francisco based, AV rated law firm representing clients who have been wronged by their attorneys. We specialize in cases involving legal malpractice, fee disputes, breach of fiduciary duty and other attorney wrongdoing.

Open Red Door for Who We Are PageWhy Us?

Actually, this whole website is about “why us” and we encourage you to explore all of its pages.  Each page has something that will help inform you about your case, what we might be able to do for you and whether we are the right firm for you.  Reviewing all the pages will help make the process of finding a lawyer to handle your case less confusing and intimidating. Our Resource Center page, “Finding a Good Lawyer”, provides some valuable information about what you should do anytime you need to find a lawyer, and we hope you’ll apply those principles in deciding whether to use us for your legal malpractice case.  And, to help the process even more, we’re offering three pages below that you can click on that will give you the ten reasons we think clients hire us, actual client reviews we’ve taken from public sites such as Yelp and Avvo, and brief descriptions of the kinds of fee agreements we offer.


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Cases We’ve Handled –
Cases We Are Handling

Since 1989 we estimate we have been contacted by 15,000-20,000 people with attorney conduct problems, consulted formally on perhaps 5,000 matters and have actually represented clients on approximately 500 cases through final resolution.  We’ve selected a group of 58 cases to give you an idea of the types of disputes we’ve handled.  They are shown below in a sortable, Excel table.  The cases, listed on three separate pages, can be viewed by the type of dispute, the area of law involved, the result, location, year and a brief summary.  For selected cases, we’ve provided a link to a more detailed description of the dispute.

Cases We Don’t Handle

We are very selective about the cases we accept, because legal malpractice claims are complex and expensive. Even though we are a small firm, we represent clients with complex malpractice claims involving a wide variety of legal fields and against the largest law firms. However, we rarely accept family law and divorce malpractice cases. And, we do not take on malpractice cases involving criminal law, worker’s compensation law, small bankruptcy matters and loan foreclosures. While many malpractice claims involving these areas of law have merit, we do not handle them.


What the Martindale-Hubbell Rating Means


How Bill Gwire Got into the Business of Suing Other Lawyers


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We’re always willing to give free initial consultations. Please contact us by filling out and submitting this simple form. We will follow up with an email inviting a consultation over the phone or in appropriate cases, meet with you in person. Sending us the form provides the fastest consideration of your case.